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Sep. 4 - Oct. 11
210 Miles
New states
Run Across MN Info
Young Woman Running

Mikah completed the #RunAcrossMN on October 11 after running 210 miles across the state!

MN's largest newspaper coverage

Watch the Finale video below, and

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to grow the Outside Safe Space!

Why Run Across MN
Gravel Road into the Forest

September 4 - October 11, 2020 I ran 210 miles across the entire state of Minnesota to promote diversity and inclusion in outdoors culture (more at Adventure Pride). Even during COVID's new normal, this socially-distanced project took viewers on a journey across the region during one of its most beautiful seasons!


- My socials provided daily, live updates along the journey!




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See my route below!

1. 90 miles along MN Highways 212 & 7 from State Line Wayside Park to Cosmos, MN

2. 63 miles from Cosmos to Plymouth, MN on the Luce Line Trail (former railroad grade)

3. 40 miles through the suburbs to downtown Minneapolis, along part of the Twin Cities Marathon route, to the Minnesota State Capitol, and along the Gateway State Trail ending at the Stillwater Lift Bridge Historic Site.


Sep. 4 - 11: State Line Wayside Park to Maynard, MN 

Sep. 12 - 19: Maynard to Cosmos, MN

Sep. 20 - 30: to Plymouth, MN

October 1 - 11: Plymouth through the Twin Cities to Stillwater, MN

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All proceeds raised go to launching the Outside Safe Space program!

Map Run Across MN
Finale - Run Across MN
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