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Mikah is taking the Outside Safe Space 170 miles across NEBRASKA October 2021 as the next installment of the Across Series

Help make the Run Across Nebraska and continued Outside Safe Space work possible by Sponsoring-A-Mile!

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After becoming the first person to experience all 419 National Park Service sites in a single journey, Mikah Meyer is continuing the work of creating, completing, and sharing adventures that provide LGBTQ+ representation to help everyone feel welcome in the outdoors.
Because advocacy work pays $0, your donations make Mikah's current and future work possible, such as:

- The growth of the Outside Safe Space symbol indicating LGBTQ+ allyship in rural and outdoor spaces

- Lobbying outdoor brands to create LGBTQ+ inclusive marketing (video below from Outdoor Retailer 2019)

- Publicity gaining projects like the Run Across Minnesota that use media to connect an openly gay outdoorsman to LGBTQ+ youth, adults, and others who don't regularly interact with LGBTQ+ people

- Managing social media accounts that answer direct messages and questions from people around the world seeking help

Thank you for making this work possible!

- Mikah

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