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After becoming the first person to experience all 419 National Park Service sites in a single journey, Mikah Meyer is continuing the work of creating, completing, and sharing adventures that provide LGBTQ+ representation to help everyone feel welcome in the outdoors.
Because advocacy work pays $0, your donations make Mikah's current and future work possible, such as:

- The growth of the Outside Safe Space symbol indicating LGBTQ+ allyship in rural and outdoor spaces

- Lobbying outdoor brands to create LGBTQ+ inclusive marketing (video below from Outdoor Retailer 2019)

- Publicity gaining projects like the Run Across Minnesota that use media to connect an openly gay outdoorsman to LGBTQ+ youth, adults, and others who don't regularly interact with LGBTQ+ people

- Managing social media accounts that answer direct messages and questions from people around the world seeking help

Thank you for making this work possible!

- Mikah

Bring one of Mikah's live shows to your audience - virtually or in-person!

Learn about each presentation on the SPEAKING/SINGING page

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