Showcasing OUT adventurers and promoting the Outside Safe Space logo for representation in outdoor culture!

Read the symbolism of the Outside Safe Space logo below, and order your own here --

for Allies and LGBTQ+

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Outside Safe Space

“How can I show support for LGBTQ+ people in the outdoors?” is a question I’m often asked.


Listening to LGBTQ+ adventurers over the years, I’ve heard both a desire for more queer representation in outdoors culture, plus ways for allies to show their support.


So, inspired by the “Safe Space” logos seen on supportive teachers’ doors, I set out to create an “Outside Safe Space” logo. Something non-verbal that an LGBTQ+ person could wear to represent their presence, and also something allies can pin to their backpacks, stick on their water bottle, wear on themselves or post in their office, to signal that LGBTQ+ people are supported in being 100% themselves around them.


With the help of some amazing LGBTQ+ adventurers from the communities below, I’ve come up with this Outside Safe Space logo.


The tree includes:

*Rainbow Flag

*Trans Flag

*Bi Flag

*Triangles for all queer identities

*Skin tone tree trunk as the foundation since all of the above exist in diverse people

*Plus some hidden symbolism


The trans and bi colors have specifically been placed nearest the trunk, as symbolism of the role these communities played in the genesis of the queer civil rights movement, and as the largest/strongest branches, in acknowledgment of the times they have been overlooked compared to other members of the community.


If you, a friend, or an ally would like to utilize this Outside Safe Space logo, you can get your own shirt, pin, sticker and more here, or reach out to me for digital use. All proceeds go directly back into promoting this symbol as a means for representation and allyship.


Let’s build a world where everyone sees themselves, and feels safe and free to be who they are, wherever they are!


Tag me @mikahmey and use #AdventurePride to be featured showing off your Outside Safe Space!


Huge thanks to Kevin Keller for turning my color-pencil drawings into majestic designs, and for putting up with all my edits. Also, to the myriad people who offered an opinion while creating this logo. This is for you.

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