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October 6, 2016

Unit #48 / 413 - Acadia National Park 

When you hear the title "National Monument," you probably think of a granite statue to some dead white guy.

So learning that the National Park Service currently has 84 National Monuments, you might be preparing to visit effigies of every middle school subject you ever studied.

But what if you stumbled upon these?

Would you think you made a wrong turn?

One of the p...

October 6, 2016

Unit #47 / 413 - Saint Croix Island International Historic Site 

Sometimes this 3+ year journey to all 413 national parks makes me feel like an explorer.

But then I learn about the people who lived in America thousands of years ago, or settled here from across oceans, or surveyed an unknown land, and I feel pretty comfortable given my GPS and van's cruise control.

Using those modern travel luxuries,...

October 6, 2016

Unit #46 / 413 - Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument 

14 Sept 2016 

Sitting out a shower after hiking to the top of Barnard Mt. I'm a local so I won't comment on the politics of the National Monument. It's done, and I'll look on the bright side. I'm not happy that I can no longer cruise the roads and explore every side turnoff; (used to hunt between Whetstone and Barnard Mt.). But maybe the...

September 27, 2016

Unit #45 / 413 - Appalachian National Scenic Trail 

It's almost by quirk of fortune that while driving through Maine this became my 45th National Park Service site.

- It isn't listed as one of Maine's park sites.

- There's no Passport to Your National Parks stamp within 427 miles.

- And there's not a NPS Visitor Center for it anywhere in the state.

Yet there I found myself, hiking to the summit of Mou...

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May 14, 2016

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