Rafting the Grand Canyon

60 seconds of rapids... See the full video summary below As much as I talk about sharing that “the National Park System is not just the Grand Canyon,” I sort of have to eat my words. Not that I don’t still wholeheartedly believe in that statement, but because, once again, the Grand Canyon has provided one of my most special national park experience. It was in the Grand Canyon in 2012 that I had my first real camping experience. My childhood best friend (and Eagle Scout) joined me for an 11-mile hike to a camp site right on top of Mooney Falls in the Havasupai Reservation. Then we spent 4 days reconnecting over the turquoise blue waters, copious waterfalls, and other-worldly hikes. What made

5 Reasons Pilot Flying J is my Favorite Gas Station

I travel a lot. Like, it’s my fulltime job, and then some. In fact, it’s more than a job. Traveling is my life. Day in and day out. So I pay attention to things like which states have the best rest areas, where you can “stealth camp” with no issues, and which gas stations provide the best customer experience. After 18 months of this 3-year road trip to visit all 417 National Park Service sites, I’m sharing 5 Reasons Pilot Flying J is my Favorite Gas Station. 1. $.03 Off Every Gallon Have you ever been to an intersection with gas stations on nearly every corner, all with the same price per gallon? It’s something I’ve come across often during my 40,000 miles driving around America the past y
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