7 Tips for New Mexico and West Texas National Parks

#129 - San Antonio Missions National Historical Park #130 - Waco Mammoth National Monument #131 - Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park #132 - Amistad National Recreation Area #133 - Big Bend National Park #134 - Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River #135 - Fort Davis National Historic Site #136 - Chamizal National Memorial #137 - Guadalupe Mountains National Park #138 - Carlsbad Caverns National Park #139 - White Sands National Monument #140 - Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument #141 - Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument #142 - El Morro National Monument #143 - El Malpais National Monument #144 - Petroglyph National Monument #145 - Bandelier National Monument #146 - Manhattan Project

How Pilot Flying J is Making Sure I Reach All 417 U.S. National Parks

Popping awake from a loud rattle, my eyes adjusted to the dark night and foggy mist in the distance. With a sudden pounding on the windshield, that misty warning turned into a full-fledged downpour as the wiper blades also woke from their sleep. I squinted at the dashboard clock and saw 3:03 AM, meaning we were somewhere in the Tennessee mountains--what might as well have been Mount Everest to this Nebraska-bred, 10-year-old. Glancing to the left, I saw my dad lean forward in his driver's seat, slide his glasses up his noise, and turn up the talk radio. I laid back down and fell soundly asleep: everything would be all right. Dad was at the wheel. The above scene played out often in my ch
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