#VanLife Hunting: My Amazing 30th Birthday Present from My Deceased Father

I've never had God work so fast in my life. In my experience, prayers are answered on a much slower scale. Not often realized until long past the initial beseeching. And such has been my experience since June 2014, when I started planning my world record road trip to all 400+ U.S. national parks. Often told by my friends I have "too many pots boiling on my stovetop," I balanced this idea to experience the national parks with my other life interests. I wondered if it'd be wise to give up my stable jobs? If I should relinquish control of the LGBT/Christian non-profit I'd started? And most notably, if I was ready to put on a backburner the goal I've had since age 17: to join the professional m

Surrendering All to a Prosperity Gospel? Trying to Follow Jesus' Road while Living on the Road.

"There are two things you don't talk about: Religion and Politics." Growing up as the fast-talking, youngest-child of a pastor in the American Midwest, I often struggled with this adage. "Why not? They are so interesting," I'd ask. Unaware that as both a Lutheran and a Nebraskan, passive-aggressiveness was firmly in the cultural canon. So while my current focus as a travel blogger is writing about the U.S. national parks' 100th anniversary, I also really want to talk about religion and how it's such a large part of my upcoming world record road trip to all 400+ U.S. national parks. Why? Because it's so interesting... I recently read this New York Times piece "Death, the Prosperity Gospel and

Celebrating My 30th Birthday at all 400+ U.S. National Parks.

This post was featured on the National Parks Conservation Association blog April 4, 2016, and on Huffington Post Travel on March 14, 2016. "I'm insane." "I will get eaten by a bear." "I really am insane." Thoughts I've had almost daily over the past two years (especially after watching Leonardo DiCaprio get mauled by a bear in The Revenant). And yet, thoughts that are always overcome by a much stronger emotion. One that asks if perhaps it's all right to be a little crazy. You see, two years ago today I turned 28 and felt what every 28-year-old feels. "Oh God! Next year is 29. Which is basically 30. THIRTY? I'm supposed to have my life figured out by 30. I'm supposed to be a real ad

Too Gay to be Outdoorsy: Turning My Fear into the Adventure of a Lifetime

This blog was featured on SBNation's Outsports on March 1, 2016 and Huffington Post Queer Voices on March 2, 2016. What are the gay stereotypes? That we want to shop all the time? That we are prissy and scared of rugged work? That we are horrible at sports? As a member of the community, I spent many of my gay-formative years assuming the same stereotypes. Gays go to gay bars and dress in drag and worry more about the cost of a vodka tonic than the score of a football game. However, like much of America over the past decade, my worldview has expanded as a greater number of us come out from every corner of society; from professional basketball players to CEOs of the world's most iconic compani
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